There is a staffing shortage at assisted living homes across the state of Wisconsin. According the Wisconsin Health Care Association, as many as one in seven positions are going unfilled.

“It’s been extremely difficult to find caregivers that are qualified that choose to stay for a length of time,” – Margaret Budimlija, owner of Acorn Hills Assisted Living in Mosinee.

“There’s also a number of assisted livings in our local area that are having to make choices to not make admissions,” added Tammy Paige of the Central Wisconsin Caregiver’s Advocacy Group. “Or are closing their doors because we don’t have the people.”

Many people believe that the role of caregiver has become just a transitional job therefore affecting the amount of jobs that are being filled.

“People are wanting to be that registered nurse or doctor, and the caregiver fields that work up to that are lacking because of that.” – Tammy Paige of the Central Wisconsin Caregiver’s Advocacy Group

Another possible part of the problem culprit: low senior care reimbursement in Wisconsin. Competitive wages are tough to come by in the region.

Assisted living facility managers are desperate for more help so they can better focus on the well-being of residents….especially as the population of those over the age of 80 continues to climb.

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