is dedicated to offering senior service providers the chance to reach members of the senior community. Our goal, in fact our mission statement, is built around a single word: Transparency.

Listings are purchased for an annual fee. Unlike the majority of our competitors, our listings contain no information that leads users to reaching out to us. Our goal is to make communication between senior service providers and seniors as simple as possible.

Refund Policy

Should you, the business owner of a senior service business, decide that the listing you have purchased is no longer for you, a full refund will be provided should your request come within the first quarter of the year to date of the listing.

Right to Remove Listings

We at SeniorCareHelper reserve the right to remove a listing at will for any reason we see fit. If this were to ever occur, a full refund for the year would be provided.

Our vetting system here at is thorough as we do everything and anything we can to ensure the highest quality of experience for those using our website.

Should you have any questions with regards to the listing you are considering or have recently purchased, please feel free to contact us.

Terms August 21, 2016