Ohio Senior Center Has A Dog Show

Senior care facility, Wood Haven Health Care (in Bowling Green, OH), recently invited staff and residents to bring in their beloved canines for a dog show.  It was only the second time they planned the event, but because of its success there are plans to make it an annual event.

Dogs bring happiness to someone who is sad or down.  When you bring dogs into a facility like this it brightens people up.
~ Chris Stearns, Event Coordinator

There were about 10 dogs that participated in the event and they varied in sizes from a waist-high Great Dane to small puppies.  Each dog that participated received a prize.

Each of the dogs were taken to the rooms of residents that are not able to leave their beds allowing them to also participate in enjoying the animals and judging them.

Wood Haven is a regular proponent of pet therapy in their facility.  Scientific studies have proven that these types of regular pet visits to the facility helps spread good feelings among those being cared for.


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