Rex Ryan, Buffalo Bills Coach

Elderwood Senior Living Facility in Wheatfield (in Niagara Falls, NY) is home to some original Buffalo Bills fans. To celebrate their loyalty they put together a music video to capture their passion.  The video has since become a viral hit.

Every game day this small fan club come together in front of the big screen and cheer on their team.

It’s something we look forward to every week. We get to know our players and everything, I don’t think we’re too happy with the new colors we have, though!
~ Vickie Zarzeczny, Elderwood Resident

Actually, this small group of residents were raised Bills fans and also made it to all of their super bowl games.

Now the residents have come together to try and entice Buffalo Bills coach Rex Ryan to visit their facility. The video was their best attempt at garnering his interest and making it happen.

I hope he saw it, I hope he enjoyed it and I hope he comes
~ Marie DiFrancesco, Elderwood Resident

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