Elderwood Senior Care, based in Buffalo, New York, recently added a managed care program to their line of senior services.

The program received approval from the New York State Department of Health to provide managed long-term care services, otherwise known as MLTC. The program is currently being called Elderwood Health Plan and will provide management residents of Elderwood and other seniors in the area.

Essentially, long term management assists seniors in staying home for as long as possible before thinking about shifting to more direct care services like assisted living or skilled nursing.

We can offer them help in their daily activities that are maybe a little more difficult.

~ Alicia Laible, Director of Business Development

Medicaid recipients will be allowed to enroll in the program. Once enrolled, they can take advantage of assistance in diet, audiology, physical therapy and transportation.

Enrollment will take place in December for a January start date. Within the first year they hope to reach at least 250 members and 1500 by year number 5.

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