New Mexico Government Council Discusses Senior Issues

On Wednesday, October 14, The Eastern Plains Council of Government met and discussed primarily the many senior issues of the region.

Tusumcari Mayor Robert Lumpkin officially solicited the board for funding of senior services in the area.

The senior citizens…don’t get nutrition or have the physical ability to go to stores or the financial ability to purchase healthy food, and the senior citizens’ centers are not providing the necessary nutrition services.
~ Tusumcari Mayor Robert Lumpkin

Lumpkin noted that seniors have been suffering because of recent budget cuts to local services.  He also mentioned that many of the seniors who live in the area are of a low socioeconomic level and need directed help.

EPCOG Executive Director Sandy Chancey said she would move forward with other government council leaders around the state to see if a solution can be found.

We’re about to tip to the other side where we have more senior citizens in this state than not. It’s going to be a bigger problem.
~ EPCOG Executive Director Sandy Chancey


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