East Grand Forks City Council member Henry Tweten is proposing that a library be added to the city’s Senior Center. The library would be focused on senior health materials that deal with issues like osteoporosis, Dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease and other health problems.

One of the greatest assets that a community can have is its seniors…There’s one characteristic that embodies them as a group, and that’s wisdom
~ City Council member Henry Tweten

Over the past 15 years the East Grand Forks Senior Center’s health services and programming has integrated a focus on senior living. They have invited medical specialists, psychologists and other speakers to help serve the Grand Forks community.

Senior Center coordinator Lynda Vandershoof, has stated that she has met with Tweten lately and that she would consider the proposal when the board of commissioners come together at their next meeting.

The only drawback with the library concept is the fact that a lot of the medical books might contain information that is not quite clear to seniors who might reference it. They would require assistance in translating the material, which in turn could constitute giving medical advice, which is something officials are concerned about.

Other programs offered at the Senior Center include group and solo exercise, foot clinics, weight loss meetings, nutritional lunches and blood pressure checks.

For more info regarding the library proposal and/or the other programs offered at the East Grand Forks Senior Center call: 218-773-0821

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