The Meth-Wick Senior Living community in Cedar Rapids, Iowa recently saw a group of volunteer students take on senior residents in a friendly game of chair volleyball.

We decided to create a senior service project because as a senior class we wanted to create a tradition and a legacy for future senior classes to create a service project
~ Katie Neumeyer, Xavier Catholic High School Senior

The game is part of a more broad approach to community involvement that the local students have taken on.  They intend to make more efforts to give back to their community in the coming years.

When the effort wear originated the students couldn’t decide on a specific project so they decided to focus on a different project each month.

Teacher Nick Satterlee, who assists the group of students, said that they are required to do community service, but indicated that these students are going above and beyond.

The students also plan to create more opportunities for possible involvement with the senior center residents by holding free school play matinee’s.

We are glad that they could come. We hope they come back and do it again some time
~ Meth-Wick resident Marilyn Hannah.

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