Gracie Hathaway, owner of Gracie’s Tender Loving Care in Gary, IN admitted in court to knowing her employees were abusing residents living in her homes, but did nothing to stop it.


She also admitted to convincing residents to list her as their social security payee, which resulted in her stealing $8k after residents left the facility.


Lake Superior Court Judge, Diane Ross Boswell took into advisement Hathaway’s plea deal which would limit her sentencing to 4 years in a corrections facility and 4 years probation. She pleaded guilty to felony neglect and welfare fraud.


Also part of the plea deal is restitution of $8000+ to be paid to the Social Security Administration. If she pays in full by the time her probation is over she has the opportunity to scale back her full probation sentence.


Specific charges against Hathaway included knowing that her employees routinely punched and kicked residents and also used stun guns.


Officials say to be certain about a facility’s qualifications prior to welcoming your loved one be sure to check them out as thoroughly as possible using common sense and any and all published info. You can search out reviews, check out licensing reports at your local senior advocacy center and do random on-site inspections of your own.

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