Price: $599.40/yr or $54.95/mo

4 reviews – 5 stars

  • Emergency response with customizable features and benefits;

  • Enhancing the self-care experience with easy-to-use health and safety applications at your fingertips.

  • Creating an in-home connection hub between you and your caregivers (both personal and professional alike).

Our number one spot goes to the much deserved premier option for medical alert devices on the market today, the MobileHelp – Touch Duo.  It encompasses all possible technology into one device that not only boasts extraordinary range & features, but also top end usability.

The first of its kind in the industry, the MobileHelp Touch is revolutionizing emergency response with features such as:

  • Simplistic Functionality: The device offers a very basic home screen to leverage the best of technology without complexity.

  • Easy-to-Read Screen: Device applications are easy to interact with on its large 8-inch touchscreen display.

  • Manage Medications: In-home medication reminders (optional) are available on the tablet to streamline health management.

  • Rotating Picture Gallery: Users can customize the device with scrolling pictures of family and friends on the tablet.

  • Cognitive Games: The device features brain-power games such as Sudoku.

  • Help when you need it: Access to 24/7/365 emergency monitoring service is available directly from the home screen with soft key touch, or using any of the accompanying help buttons (pendant or wrist).

Take all these features into account and, although you are paying a premium, you are getting more than what you need compared to each and every other device on our list.  Even though it is fairly new and has limited reviews we know that this device will eventually take over the font spot in almost every category.  The cost is high, we know, but we just want everyone searching for options out there to see what is possible in the space of medical alert devices.  There are options, like this, that would not only help give you peace of mind but also help monitor the lives of you or loved one in every supportive way. 

Check in on them with regard to medication, manage family pictures for them to access, show them games that will help keep their minds active and while all that is happening know that it’s backed 100% by 24/7/365 coverage of dedicated support to help determine if your loved one needs emergency services.