Price: $395.40 or $37.95/mo

528 reviews – 5 stars

  • No landline required
  • GPS tracking

  • Remote activation

  • Compatible with MobileHelp Fall Button™

  • 24/7/365 US Based monitoring

Unlike the MobileHome classic system, the solo system gives you a home base that can also be used as a mobile unit that can leave the home with you.  It comes also with a waterproof help button that can be worn in the shower and in and around the house.

If you or a loved one have more of an active lifestyle this would be the way to go.  Not only be safe in the house, but also outside and in the shower.  Be covered on your way to the store without ever having to worry about a landline, or depending on your local area connection to 911.  The price might be a bit high compared to some other options, but keep in mind it’s the dedicated 24/7 coverage that you are paying for.