Price: $443.40/yr or $41.95/mo

911 reviews – 5 stars

  • Easy installation
  • GPS tracking
  • Waterproof help button
  • Remote activation
  • Compatible with MobileHelp Fall Button
  • 24/7 US Based monitoring

The MobileHelp Duo system includes an in-home base unit, a mobile unit for when you’re away from the home and one waterproof help button that can be worn in the shower and provides easy access to summoning help.

Cover yourself or your loved one with a device system set-up that covers even more than you need.  A home based unit that covers you inside your home, outside your home (e.g. in car, store, parks), and also a mobile unit that can be used as a homebase whenever you are anywhere for any extended period of time.

A well-rated option that covers any senior that might have an active lifestyle and yet still have issue with possible falls or other incapacitation.  Again we took into account the price of the unit and know that it might push an overall budget, but we had to place it in the top 5 mainly because of its usability, effectiveness and available options.