Price: $119.77

266 reviews – 4 stars

  • No Monthly Fees 
  • Home Phone Line Required
  • 2 Panic Buttons Included – 1 Wrist Panic Button and 1 Necklace Panic Button
  • Instantly sequentially calls up to 3 phone numbers & plays your personalized emergency message.
  • Pacemaker Safe – 100 Foot Range 
  • Water Resistant Wrist Panic Button
  • Uses Normal Phone Line, with Optional Bluetooth Adapter (sold separately) 
  • Can also use Cell Phone

The Alarm from Life Guardian is a great option with some of the more personalized options you might want.  It is a one-time purchase device with no monthly service and boasts 2 panic buttons, one for the wrist and the other on a necklace.

Using a home phone line, when the panic button is pressed the system dials the first number that is programmed into it. The system then waits to ‘hear’ any key pressed on the other end of the line. This tells the system that a human answered the call. If the system hears a key pressed it will stop calling numbers and turn on the speakerphone. If the system does not hear a key pressed it will hang up and call the next number in sequence. We suggest that you have 911 programmed as the 3rd number to ensure that someone is contacted in the event of an emergency.

You can also receive normal incoming calls using the receiver, like a speakerphone.

It is connected to a landline that must be within 100 feet of the user or you are going to have problems connecting.  Most people will probably be within 100 feet, but if that is your maximum working range, you are more than likely going to have problems with walls, furniture and in the bathroom.