Price: $149

136 reviews – 4 stars

The FastHelp device is a one-time purchase device so there will not be any monthly service or call center that you would need to be concerned about.  It also works pretty much anywhere you want to be in and out of the house.  It is not connected with a landline so all you need to be is in or near an area that has available cell signal.

This device is a single button device limited to calling 911 emergency services only.  It functions like a 2 way speakerphone with 911 once they are on the line.

It is highly limited in options and has highly limited dependability.  You can only call 911 in even the simplest of emergencies, where it would have been preferable to call a family member first.  It also depends greatly on local cell coverage to connect to 911.  Without having a dedicated cell service to reference, the device would be subject to its surroundings, which could limit its functionality at the most inopportune time.