Price: $115.00

324 reviews – 4 stars

  • You must have a home landline.  It does not work on any cell system.
  • No monthly fees
  • You can  program 3 family’s phone numbers into the system.  It holds up to 3 numbers.
  • Works at a 300 foot range and is waterproof
  • 2-watt voice communication.

This device from 321 Alert is compact and helpful for the price.  It has a better range than those lower on the list, but is ultimately also limited by its range.  The reason this option lands at number seven is primarily because even though it might work within a 300 foot range, that advertised range is mostly within line of sight.  It might be useful form most standard homes, but if you start putting too much furniture (or other home floors) in the way you’re going to have limitations.