is the only completely transparent online national directory for Senior Care resources.  Our listings are verified annually and include Senior Care facilities (of every type), board & care homes and Geriatric Care Managers.

What do we mean by transparent?

SeniorCareHelper was built with one purpose: To disrupt the call-center based business plan of other senior care directory sites like or  Directories like these function as giant squeeze pages that funnel leads to call centers where they guide you into directions that only benefit them.  

For example take a look at the squeeze page:

Before you are given any access to actual facilities and their contact info, you are asked for your contact info (e.g. phone & email).  At this moment, your search for the future of you or your loved one becomes a commodity.  You become valuable to them only as a lead, not a person.

They will proceed to contact you and “guide” you to a facility that might not be the best fit for your loved one.  The “guidance” will be provided by someone who doesn’t know the area you are looking at and quite possibly is in another country.  Most importantly, their final recommendation is a facility that rewards them financially in the back end.

The SeniorCareHelper Philosophy

Ultimately we feel this directory model is counter-productive.  Senior Care facilities and service providers are an important community resource that function in a way that needs to be respected.  The search for a care facility or reaching out for help from a geriatric care manager is a delicate family process that takes time and effort from everyone involved: the person who is in need of the assistance, the family behind that person and/or the care manager involved.

Our philosophy is this: To help those searching for senior care find vetted local resources, in the most efficient and sensitive way possible.  This is why our information is not hidden behind a pay wall, call center or middle-man of any kind….and never will be.

How search works on SeniorCareHelper

We get thousands of search inquiries a month, primarily from our directory pages that list verified listings from across the country in the 8 primary categories of care including assisted living, memory care, independent living, nursing homes, adult day care, caregiving, senior apartments and board & care homes.  That’s directory listings focused on all medium & large cities in all fifty states, totalling over 44,000 pages!  We focus primarily on facilitating the organic google search for these resources with a consistent blog, outreach and social media network (facebook, twitter & instagram).  This approach has garnered over 3000 unique visitors a month to our site and surrounding resources.

Take a look at how the search works. 

From the homepage, we get right to the point and ask what type of resource you are searching for:

Within 1 click you are on the state listing page for one of our category listings:

You can select a different category or click through to your state:

In a total of 3 clicks you are in front of search results including facility name, address, phone number and pictures.  You even get access to a local map to gauge directions and actual location:

The benefit of marketing with SeniorCareHelper directory

There is no more efficient way to get your business out in front of people than with listing with SeniorCareHelper.  Once you are signed on with us, through our simple annual plan, you get your business in front of thousands of people in and out of your direct service area.  Maybe someone is moving their loved ones in to your town from another, maybe they need help managing their care from across the country or maybe they are just looking for something local that they can depend on.  No matter how it happens, people are searching for you…allow us to help them find you.

Why are Geriatric Care Managers part of the directory?

Even when we started this directory, we knew that we were asking a lot of our users.  We were asking them to find a facility within a certain area, we were recommending they visit the facility to personally vet it for their loved one and we were asking them to make the final decision.  All the things we know are absolutely necessary when deciding where a loved one might live the rest of their days.

Writing from personal experience, this is not easy.

We recently started involving Geriatric Care Managers in order to help carry the burden.  The main difference between our care managers and the “advisors” on sites like, is obvious.  Our care managers are real life working professionals who not only live in the areas you are searching in, but have worked to gather the necessary certification to make the process as easy as possible.  They have dedicated their lives to helping those that are searching and need the extra help in the process…whether that is actually locking in an out-of-state facility, helping with doctor visits, preparing hospice or just providing an extra nursing home visitor to check in on a loved one.  Geriatric Care Managers are a welcome addition that our users and listed facilities have accepted with open arms.


As a business owner, I’m sure you recognize how difficult it is to market your facility to those looking for senior care options. The entire process is emotional, takes time and can drain families. SeniorCareHelper understands this and understands the importance you have in the community you service. We ask that you don’t treat your possible clients as commodities, but rather as partners.

Listing your business on SeniorCareHelper is the easiest, most affordable and most effective way to get in front of those that need your help. Partners in the search for the perfect option for themselves or their loved one.

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