Senior Holiday

Holidays with loved one in Assisted Living

We all want to do something nice for our aging loved ones, especially those that are currently living in assisted living facilities.

We’ve compiled a short list of things to consider when buying for these extra special members of the family:


  • Keep in mind that many seniors in assisted living have downsized their living situation, so large bulky items can be easily crossed off the list of possibilities. They also will not have have extra storage space for these types of items.


  • We know that you want to buy your loved one something they will love but keep in mind any health concerns that might supersede a specific item.


  • Consider practical product. You might not think that these items are very exciting but practical items like tissue, toothpaste even toiletries can be very welcome. You can create a nice gift basket out of the favorite practical items to make it look a little fancier.


  • A magazine or newspaper subscription. If your loved one enjoys reading, this can be the perfect gift. Seniors also tend to want to keep informed of what’s going on in their local area


  • Technology. Todays senior can be quite tech savvy. Definitely do not cross off a possible iPad or kindle with preloaded apps or books.


  • Handmade crafts. This is the perfect idea to not only save a little in the pocketbook, but also involve and engage the grandchildren. What grandparent would not love something homemade by their grandchildren that is thoughtful and simple. If you want, group it with a box of hot cocoa or tea to make it more special.


  • Decorations can be a simple way to help make your loved ones pace more personal. Consider a small frame, throw pillow or decorative tissue holder to help spruce up the place.


  • Something to help keep cozy. This idea works quite well especially in areas where the temperature can drop significantly on the winter evenings. These items will surely go well appreciated.


  • Last but not least…you can also just give the most precious gift…your time. Schedule some time to spend with them or take them out on the town.


Have a happy holiday!


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