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Holiday Gift Ideas for Seniors in Assisted Living

We all want to do something nice for our aging loved ones, especially those that are currently living in assisted living facilities. We’ve compiled a short list of things to consider when buying for these extra special members of the family:   Keep in mind that many seniors in assisted living have downsized their living situation, so large bulky items can be easily crossed off

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New senior living center proposed in Symphony Park in Las Vegas

Officials in Las Vegas are looking into the possibility of a new senior care center to be built in the Symphony Park area. Las Vegas City Council will be looking over the proposal to and the exclusive negotiating agreement with Symphony Park Development Co. LLC. As Las Vegas continues to recover after the recession, the proposal seems the perfect remedy to a slow moving process

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Why is Wisconsin seeing a shortage in Assisted Living Caregivers

There is a staffing shortage at assisted living homes across the state of Wisconsin. According the Wisconsin Health Care Association, as many as one in seven positions are going unfilled. “It’s been extremely difficult to find caregivers that are qualified that choose to stay for a length of time,” – Margaret Budimlija, owner of Acorn Hills Assisted Living in Mosinee. “There’s also a number of assisted

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Senior Citizen Concerns Heading Towards Election Day

Some 61 percent of citizens age 65 and older voted in the November 2010 election, the best turnout of any age group. More than half (54percent) of those ages 55 to 64 also cast a ballot. People under age 45 are much less likely to vote. ~ Emily Brandon. The quote highlighted above was taken from Emily Brandon’s US News World and Report article written back in March

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Some Seniors To Face Medicare Premium Spike in 2016

Congress and the White House have taken steps to decrease an unforeseen hike in standard Medicare Part B next year. 1 in 7 beneficiaries are facing a 52% increase in premiums, to $159.30 in 2016. This will mark the largest rates jump in Medicare history. However, a bipartisan contract on the federal budget, signed by President Obama on Nov. 2, has temporarily set the current premiums

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The 15 Ultimate Foods That Can Help Seniors Sleep

Are you finding it difficult to help your elder loved one relax or fall asleep? You’ve come to the right place.  These snacks have natural substances that can help them have the much needed good night’s rest they always deserve. Are they lying in bed staring at the ceiling? Alon Avidan, a professor of neurology and director of UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine: Sleep

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National Hospice Month – The Benefits Of Hospice Care for Seniors and Families

November is National Hospice and Palliative Care Month. Many people shut down when the word ‘hospice’ is mentioned or they even recoil at the image created in their mind. Many older adults think that even talking about hospice care might mean you won’t live long. The main objective of hospice is to welcome the idea of passing away. A concept that everyone has to face

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Hillary Clinton Proposes $6k Tax Cut to Caretakers Of The Elderly

Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has announced an offsetting tax credit of $6000 in senior and disabled care costs for those that care for the elderly. This move will also allow for caregivers to accrue Social Security benefits in their own retirement. This is in alignment with her goal of relieving some of the pressure on middle class families, especially those that are or will

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Aging In Place Requires Help From Caregivers

Most surveys find that adults (of all ages) would rather age in place than settle on an assisted living community. To live independently as they grow older.  It is a no-brainer that this is what seniors (those that are over 65) want. What’s also important to them is that they are able to do as they please, socialize with friends & family, and feel contentment.

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Massachusetts Senior Care Association Campaign For Living Wage For Nursing Aides

The Massachusetts Senior Care Association is launching a campaign to help nursing home care givers an hourly wage of $15 per hour. The campaign is called “Quality Jobs for Quality Care” and calls for direct investment into the workforce that caters to senior care and long term care to seniors. The three elements of the plan ask for a living wage for certified nursing aides

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