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George Clooney visits 87 year old super fan in assisted living facility | SCH Vodcast

If you like him as an actor, be ready to like him even more as a person…George Clooney recently visited super fan Pat Adams in her assisted living facility in England. He spent 15 minutes with his dedicated fan and brought with him flowers and a card. Happy Birthday Pat Adams!…kudos George! George Clooney was born in Lexington, KY.

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A tribute to Robert Osborne from Turner Classic Movies | SCH Vodcast

SCH Vodcast pays tribute to the incomparable, Turner classic Movies host, Robert Osborne, who passed away this past week in New York. (March 6, 2017). This video tribute was originally produced by TCM. Osborne was born in 1932 in Colfax, WA. He is best known as the primary host for the cable channel Turner Classic Movies (TCM). Prior to TCM, Osborne had been a host

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90 year old doing pull-ups | SCH Vodcast

SCH Vodcast showcases a viral video of a 90 year old man doing pull-ups. A simple look at what is possible especially when fitness is a priority…at any age. This story comes out of Haines City, FL

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Hoda Kotb announces adoption on The Today Show | SCH Vodcast

52 year old, Egyptian American journalist Hoda Kotb (from Norman, OK) announces her adoption of a girl on the NBC Today Show. We thought it would be a nice acknowledgement of a tender TV moment. Watch as she makes the announcement on live TV and how her coworkers react.

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The story of 1000 year old working windmills in Iran | SCH Vodcast

SCH Vodcast takes a look at a remarkable viral story about 1000 year old windmills in Iran that are watched over and maintained by an old man with no apprentices. Check it out at

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Official Mary Tyler Moore tribute | SCH Vodcast

We decided to showcase a special edition of SCH Vodcast to pay tribute to the amazing Mary Tyler Moore who passed away today January 25th, 2017. Take a walk down memory lane with us as we look back at her career and how she impacted not only the genre of TV, but also the idea of women in the modern workplace. Mary Tyler Moore was

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Betty White discusses division in America and Trump’s Inauguration | SCH Vodcast

On todays SCH Vodcast viral review we take a look at the incomparable Betty White. Betty White was born in 1922 in Oak Park, IL. She recently turned 95 and we thought it fitting that we showcase her a little bit. We take a look at a clip from a recent interview with Katie Couric. We specifically wanted to take a moment and listen to

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Joe Biden accepts The Medal of Freedom from Barack Obama | SCH Vodcast

On todays SCH Vodcast viral review we take a look at the amazingly genuine reaction from the 47th Vice President, Joe Biden…after receiving the Medal of Freedom from POTUS Barack Obama in Washington, DC. Joe Biden is going to be 75 years old this year. He became a lawyer in 1969 and served as Senator of Delaware from 1972 until 2009!

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Meryl Streep Tribute & Golden Globes Speech | SCH Vodcast

We thought we would tackle the viral speech by Meryl Streep, done at the Golden Globes in Los Angeles this past weekend. Without taking partisan sides on the topic, she still has a highly respectable body of work that cannot be denied. We take a look at some of her most poignant performances and also discuss her politically infused speech.

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Carrie Fisher & Debbie Reynolds Tribute | SCH Vodcast

Today, we wanted to put together a quick tribute for some very important women from the entertainment world, Carrie Fisher & her mother Debbie Reynolds. Sadly, they passed away within a day of eachother over the holidays in Los Angeles, CA. Take a moment and check out these viral videos that are currently trending.

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