The AARP, in association with the US Department of Agriculture, United Healthcare and Kroger recently launched the pilot program for “Fre$h Savings”.

Fre$h Savings gives seniors who are currently on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) up to $20 a month towards fresh produce.

The pilot program will cover several Kroger stores near Memphis, Tennessee and Mississippi.

When a senior citizen uses their SNAP card for groceries a 50 cent coupon is automatically printed for fresh produce.  The coupon maximum per purchase is $10 and is capped at $20 per month.

The AARP program was funded by a 4-year federal grant and was started in the Tennessee and Mississippi area primarily because they have the worst rate of senior hunger in the nation.

What we’re looking for is to work together to really move the needle against this growing problem of hunger.
~ Lisa Marsh Ryerson, president of the AARP Foundation.

The program will run only through 2018, but if there is progress, AARP and UnitedHealthcare hope to expand it.

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