Randy Ashcroft is 82 years old and a community member of Brookdale San Jose Senior Community. Since she was quite young she had always wished of taking a hot air balloon ride over the countryside. This past week she got her wish.
Along with her big brother George Nale, Randy got her Wish Of A Lifetime taking in the amazing scenery of California’s central valley and wine country. How did this happen?  Well most of the accolades have to go the programs offered at Brookdale Senior Living.

In 2010, Brookdale Senior Living and Wish Of A Lifetime partnered in order to try and fulfill many long held dreams of Brookdale community members. To request a Wish, residents fill out an application explaining an life experience that they would like fulfilled.

The program is offered under the umbrella of Brookdale’s Optimum Life platform.  Optimum Life offers whole person wellness to individuals through fulfillment in personal, emotional and spiritual dimensions.
Since the partnership, Brookdale has fulfilled Wishes for over 600 of its residents!
As far as how much Randy enjoyed the excursion…

“I have wanted to do this for a long time. It was so beautiful,”
~ Randy Ashcroft, Brookdale Senior Living Resident

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